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In today’s day and age with tech completely taking over, we’re now facing moments to where sometimes meeting in person is time consuming. Whether you’re on Skype, Zoom or even just over the phone, conference calls have become an everyday occurrence. Though you may not be speaking in front of people face-to-face, conference calls are still significant opportunities for you to make an impact. However, simply because you have a call set up doesn’t necessarily mean the deal is sealed. Some consumers would much rather speak by phone to get a feel prior to a face to face meeting. Also, just because they have the intention to feel you out doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t earn their business during the call. 

In here are courses that will help you speak with power and purpose on every conference call while giving you strategies to enhance your presence and results.

What you will get:

  • How to determine conversation flow
  • Learn how to transition
  • Become professionally enticing
  • The best strategies to create an engaged environment


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