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Course Description

Preparation creates confidence, which is key to handling objections before they occur. How you handle the simplest to most complex objections will make or break the sale and determine your level of success.

What you get:

  • Real time situations and solutions
  • Every encountered objection handled
  • Instant correction

Demonstration samples

  • Demo Objection I – I Didn’t Ask
  • Demo Objection II – Changes You Aren’t Familiar With
  • Demo Objection III – Take Me 5 Minutes Bear With Me
  • Demo Objection V – The Best Price
  • Demo Objection IV – Promise Not To Waste Your Time


  • General
  • The Write Up
  • Money
  • Stall
  • Time
  • Affordability
  • Product
  • Greeting
  • Payment
  • Comparison
  • Basics


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