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Course Description

It’s no secret, technology has transformed the way businesses communicate with customers and prospects. Modern sales reps rely on a variety of tools and technologies to conduct their work—including email, social media, video chat tools and more. As a result, the traditional in-person sales meeting has become far less common than it once was.

But, even as the B2B sales process becomes increasingly digital, face-to-face meetings still provide certain benefits that no technology can replicate. Today, in-person interaction remains critical to the modern sales process and we offer several courses to make the most of face-to-face meetings.

The course also includes sales training best practices that gets the deal done on the spot.

What you will get:

  • Learn how you can on the spot close
  • Learn sales presentation strategies for in-person
  • Best Techniques For Negotiating
  • How to keep attention
  • How to not get side tracked

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